Do you take photos of
• Your driver’s license?
• Your credit cards?
• Your medical insurance card?
• Screenshots of your bank account?
• Screenshots of your stock brokerage account?
• Screenshots of your Crypto Wallet?

If you answered yes to any of these
• Are you sure none of these are in iCloud/Google Photos/your Cloud photo storage?
• Do you really know you are not inadvertently sharing these when you share photos?
• Do you really need these photos in the Cloud and endangering your personal and account security?

Introducing DocAI, an effortless way to quickly and easily identify sensitive photos!

DocAI has been trained to identify sensitive photos using AI. Examples of what DocAI has been trained to detect include:
- Driver’s license
- Passports
- Credit cards
- Bank statements
- Bank and stock brokerage
- Receipts
- Can scan through your photos at the rate of almost 100 per minute on an iPhone/iPad
- Has been trained to err on the side of caution. Some times you might see a photo marked as sensitive when it is not, rather than missing a photo that is sensitive.